What we do

SaveForLater helps you save web pages for reading later.
Using SaveForLater is simpler, more intuitive and more powerful than saving them using your browser's Favorites / Bookmarks feature.


Easy to use: Saving is fast and simple, and your bookmark is saved online, available on any computer.
Organize bookmarks in folders: Save web pages directly to your folders.
Share folders: You can share folders with other SaveForLater.com users. On the Folders page, click on the Share link for any folder you want to share.
Fast Full Text Search: Fast full text search, type any part of your bookmark and find it instantly.
Tags: Add tags to your bookmarks. Filter by tags.
Save securely: You don't need to be logged in to save a bookmark.
Import bookmarks: You can import bookmarks from a csv file (currently only Instapaper format is supported).
Export bookmarks: Export your bookmarks as a csv file.
Text only: We extract the text from a saved web page, for easier, clutter and add-free reading.You can see the text only version of the website you saved by clicking on the "Text Only" link, on the Browse page.
Share and email: You can share your saved web page by email.

How it works

1. Sign up for an account. On the Tools page, you will find the Save For Later button (bookmarklet). Drag the bookmarklet to your browser toolbar.

2. Click on the "Save for Later" toolbar button whenever you want to save a Web page for reading later. You current text selection will also be saved.

3. Your Web page selection will be saved in your SaveForLater.com account. Use the “Browse” button to see and organize your saved web pages.

Your bookmarks are securely stored in our system.