Save For Later
This is a simple bookmarking tool that allows you to save any web page for reading later.

How To Use
1. Sign up for an account.

2. After you logged in, on the Tools page, you will find the Save For Later button (bookmarklet).
Using the mouse, drag the bookmarklet to your browser's toolbar.

3. Click on the "Save for Later" toolbar button whenever you want to save the current web page for reading later. You current text selection will also be saved.

4. Your page selection will be saved in your account. Use the “Browse” button to see and organize your saved websites.


Easy to use: Saving is fast and simple, your bookmarks are available on any device with a browser and internet connection.

Save notes: You can add a note to any bookmark you saved, or add new standalone notes. Notes can be organized in folders or shared, just like bookmarks.

Organize bookmarks in folders: Save web pages directly to your folders. Just drag the bookmarklet corresponding to a folder, from the Folders page, to the browser's toolbar. Or, move any existing bookmark to a folder.

Configurable view: You can use a List View or Card View for your saved websites.

Share folders: You can share folders privately, with other users. On the Folders page, click on the Share link for any folder you want to share. You can share folders with read-only access rights, or with read-write access rights.

Fast Full Text Search: Fast full text search within URL, title or note body. You can search in the current folder or across all folders.

Tags: Add tags to your bookmarks. Filter by tags. There is also a feature to automatically tag bookmarks by their domain name / website.

Save securely: You don't need to be logged in to save a bookmark.

Encryption on the client: You can optionally encrypt the content of a note. The encryption is on the client, so your bookmark / note does not leave your browser until is encrypted.

Import bookmarks: You can import bookmarks from a csv file (you can import from Instapaper export format).

Export bookmarks: Export your bookmarks as a csv file.

Share and email: You can share your saved web page by email, Twitter or Facebook.